Brain Science to Build Better Teams

Are you in the business of brain science? If you asked me that a week ago, I would have probably laughed at the awkwardness of the phrase. Now, I want to be more engaged in brain science then ever.

So what is brain science, you ask? When I first heard the term, I instantly thought of the psychology class I took in college. Brain science is much more than sitting in a classroom though. Denise Van Eck, a guest on Managing the Way, A Podcast by Waypoint, says that it is the brain paying attention to certainty and making sure that you are in a state of safety. If you are not safe, then the brain goes into a state of uncertainty and urgency to get back to what the plan is.

So how can this be applied to the business of brain science? As a person who studied both HR and marketing in college, there was always a discrepancy in who we are trying to please: either the customer or the employee. But in the long run, pleasing the employees will end up pleasing the customers, somewhat like a domino effect. That is why the brain science is so important. We want to be able to create a safe place for the employee to express themselves.

It sounds easy, but is it? Gallup posted a study stating the engagement rate of employees is only 34%. Where are you on the spectrum? A way to increase engagement and create safety is simply using their strengths to complete their work. This means taking the time to understand employees strengths and weaknesses. We, at Waypoint, find that having one-on-ones often is a good way to be able to hone in on strengths and work together. Through regular one-on-ones, connections and trust are built.

So what are you going to work on? Maybe it is creating one new meaningful connection with your employees a week? Maybe it is scheduling a one on one bi-monthly, and recording it to look back on growth? Maybe it is doing strengthsfinder tests for your employees to get exact data on where your employees stand. Whatever it is, go do it and stick with it! Trust yourself to build the trust in your team!

Special thanks to Denise Van Eck from Thought Design for her input in brain science!

Managing the Way is sponsored by Waypoint HQ. Waypoint is a breath of fresh air. A solution that enables you to be the manager that people want to work for. It helps you in holding regular, focused, intentional employee one-on-ones that will result in valuable feedback and a forum for coaching your team.

Teams also need to get away and have time to think together and reflect together. Be able to spend just an hour to be curious about each other. -Denise Van Eck, Owner of Thought Design

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