Is your team in
survival mode?

It’s hard to lead your team in the midst of so many unknowns. There is so much to think about and so much to do, you are left with little time to communicate effectively to your team.

But, your team needs you more now than ever. You can’t afford to miss having meaningful conversations with your team. Not just project updates, the conversations that move you from survival mode to growth mode.

Waypoint keeps those important conversations on track. Make an investment now in your team. Get out of survival mode, engage with your team deeply and regularly.

Check out Waypoint below. We are here to help you thrive in this time.

Mike Sudyk
Founder and CEO

From survive to thrive

Not doing regular one on ones?

Haven't done real one on ones with your team in a while? That neglect creates a ticking time bomb with your team. Waypoint helps you stay on top of these important conversations by automating and gently reminding you about these important meetings.

Is every conversation a project update?

Only discussing tasks doesn’t get to how your team is really doing, to the “why”. Waypoint sends forms prior to the meetings so that you actually address the important points and don’t digress into a project update. Having their DISC and StrengthsFinders® results front and center ensures you communicate effectively.

Scattered location and direction?

Working from home has changed the way your team communicates, don’t let it change the direction the team is going. Get things back on track by establishing regular and focused communication to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

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Joe Moss

“Once we started hiring more people that were not friends, I knew I should be doing more to develop the team but didn’t know where to start. Waypoint gave me that process without all the other noise of complex systems”

Bob Kozal

“Having the important conversations was always falling to the bottom of the list. I knew I needed to and they were valuable when I did them, but if I didn’t schedule them they didn’t happen. Waypoint not only reminded me but also made those conversations deeper. It’s irreplaceable now.”

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The details

$400 per year
for your whole company

Up to 200 employees per plan. No other fees, no monthly subscription bill. Normally a $1,188 per year value. Plain and simple.

You are safely locked in at that price

One annual payment, one price, never an increase. Your price will never grow but the product will. Invest in your team today.

30 day
money back

Not happy with Waypoint? We will make it right. If we can't, then we promise a 30 day money back guarantee.
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Do you see the value of Waypoint but have some more questions? Email any questions or concerns to us below!

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