Great teams,
one conversation at a time.

Be the intentional coach that your team needs to meet their full potential, with Waypoint.

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Coach your team consistently

Struggle to meet one on one with your team, even though you know you should be? Relying on an annual review or formal management meeting is too little too late. Waypoint is a lightweight tool that keeps you focused and on track to maintain coaching your team.

Retain and unlock potential

When you're growing a team (or a company), retention is the name of the game. You are only as good as the team around you. Investing in them is the most important work that you can do to grow your people, your culture, and your business.

Build your culture, intentionally.

Being intentional with your team is hard. You already have enough to do. Waypoint keeps you on track, helping you make the time your team needs to be heard, automatically. Start investing in your leadership skills to increased retention within your team and company

Lightweight and automatic, by design

Send custom forms prior to a meeting to keep the conversation on track. Setup a recurring meeting so you don't forget to stay consistent. Track goals and action items to see how you and your team are growing. All in your individualized dashboard which is private to you, the manager.
See How It Works

It's all about People

At the end of the day, it’s your people that get the work done and drive your company forward. They are your competitive advantage, investing in your team should be a no brainer and regular coaching is the best gift you can give them.

We built Waypoint because we experienced the frustrations of growing a company and investing in people at the same time. When we started to ask around, we learned that we were not alone. Company practices and tools did not cut it for us or for other growing small businesses. The conversations with our team were the key factor in our growth, so why not double down on them and make them more valuable? The goal of Waypoint is to do just that.

Mike Sudyk  
Waypoint Founder

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