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'water cooler' conversations?

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It's all about People

Growing a company is hard. We experienced the frustration of trying to grow our company and our people at the same time, often it was the people part that suffered. When we asked around, we learned that we weren’t alone. Some process is needed, but corporate practices and tools didn’t cut it for the rest of us. That’s why we built Waypoint. After all, it was the conversations with our team that got us to where we are, why not double down on them by making them more frequent and valuable? The goal of Waypoint is to do just that.

Build your company culture, intentionally.

-Retain your best employees
-Improve your efficiency
-Enjoy higher ROI
-Reduce your teams stress


Lightweight and automatic, by design

-Have a plan
-Improve your conversations
-Increase engagement
-Increase retention
See how it works!
See How It Works

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Managing and leading a high performing team is an expedition. Route Talks is a full day event, to experience and explore ideas with well-traveled guides who have gone down similar roads, by engaging and listening to wisdom that has worked for them. Each Route Talks event is made up of small TED-talk style lectures, panel discussions, and fun learning experiences you won’t want to miss!

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